The testamentary gift

The testamentary gift remains one of the simplest and most accessible ways to plan a donation to Les Ailes de l’Espérance Québec inc. (legal and complete name of the organism) N.E .: 10306-6064 RR0001

. Here are some examples of labels for a bequest or bequest:

Particular legacy . a good “I give my residence to the Wings of Hope”. . an amount: “I give the Wings of Hope the sum of $ 50,000″. . Percentage: “I give the Wings of Hope 30% of my estate”.

Residual legacy “I give each of my children the sum of $ 100,000 and the residue of my estate to the Wings of Hope.”

Universal Legacy “I give all my possessions to the Wings of Hope“.

. Your will, an important gesture Writing your will is one of the most important things you will do in your life and is above all a sign of affection for the people you care about. It is normal that you first look after the well-being of your loved ones.

Then, you can use your will to emphasize your solidarity and commitment to the Wings of Hope mission. Your Will allows you to decide to leave to the Wings of Hope a portion or residue of your estate. Your generosity will survive you. As this old adage puts it, “When we leave this earth, we carry nothing of what we have received, only what we have given.”

. Tax benefits The testamentary gift minimizes the taxes on your estate and reduces the share of a spouse or children.

. A notarial will Notarial Will is by far the most practical and economical solution. Indeed, a notarial will does not have to be validated by the Superior Court (or court). However, a will made in the presence of witnesses or a holographic will must be verified by the Superior Court. This is more expensive and delays the execution of your estate. Your liquidator will be grateful to you for having exempted him from this legal procedure.

. Power of attorney and mandate in case of incapacity During your visit to the notary, why not take the opportunity to ask him to prepare a power of attorney and a mandate in case of incapacity. This notarized document will greatly facilitate the task of the person who, if any, will have to take care of your business.

. The various legacies With the help of your notary, you can choose one of the following legacies:

– The direct and unrestricted legacy or general legacy: I leave to Wings of Hope Québec inc, registered charity, whose head office is in the City of Montreal, the sum of $ _________ or _____% of my estate, or the movable or immovable described, to support Wings of Hope projects.

In many cases, the legacy as a percentage is generally more appropriate. Indeed, if the value of the estate changes over time, the legacy will change in the same proportions. This remark also applies in the case of a residual legacy.

– The conditional or subsidiary inheritance allows the Wings of Hope to receive the estate in whole or in part only in the event of the death of the other beneficiaries.

– The residual legacy is to designate the Wings of Hope as the beneficiary of the residue of your property after ensuring the safety of your family and your loved ones.

The codicil: if you want to include the Wings of Hope in your will without changing the existing provisions, you can do so by means of a document called codicil.

. Confidentiality and recognition After having made and revised your will, we would be grateful if you would inform the President of the Wings of Hope of the arrangements you have made for the organization. The strictest confidentiality will be ensured.