Guy Richer, the spokesperson

Photo Guy Richer 2

The actor and animator Guy Richer becomes the spokesperson of Wings of Hope for the cause of access to drinking water in Peru.

Indeed, more than 7 million Peruvians do not have access to drinking water, because of the country’s geography and the isolation of communities in the mountains or in the jungle. “A lot of diseases and deaths are linked to the fact that people still use unsafe water to drink, cook or wash”, said Guy Richer after a trip to Peru last spring.

“Lack of access to drinking water also forces women and girls to spend long hours fetching water, depriving them of work and education. It prevents development and keeps Peruvians in extreme poverty”, he adds.

A video capsule was launched on March 22, World Water Day, to raise awareness of the lack of access to drinking water in Peru, in remote rural and indigenous communities.

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