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Projects around Lima
Projects at Ayacucho
Projects in the Amazon

Currently, 70% of rural villages in Peru do not have access to drinking water. That’s why we have many water supply projects in marginalized and isolated villages.

Thanks to the faithful generosity of our donors and the constant support of several organizations or foundations, we have realized so far a large number of drinking water projects and also in other sectors (sanitation, health, education).

At the moment, we are concentrating our aid in the coastal province of Barranca, in the Andean region of Ayacucho and in the Amazon.

All our projects allow communities to unite by actively participating in their realization. People gain some confidence, regain their dignity and feel stronger individually and collectively.


Following the earthquake of January 2010, the Alexandra Duguay Fund was created by family and friends. The funds raised are entirely donated to the Saint-François orphanage of Île-à-Vache in Haiti and will be used to build the nursery school, as requested by Alexandra.

On October 29, 2011, Alexandra’s dream came true: the nursery school was inaugurated in the presence of five members of her family (Spring 2012 Newsletter).

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