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You can also discover the interesting autobiography of Guy Gervais, the author and former pilot for the Wings of Hope, entitled “Bush Pilot”.

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Newsletter Spring 2001

Guy Gervais inaugurated in 1970 the air service in the region of Satipo in Peru. The episode is told in Bush Pilot, this book is prefaced by the famous commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau and published in 2000 at Éditions Logiques. Guy Gervais recounts his forty years of adventures as a bush pilot. We invite you to get this exciting book … maybe on the big screen someday?

Book summary

Here is the extraordinary biography of Guy Gervais, a veteran humanitarian bush pilot; one of those rare people who challenge the sea and the world to save lives, transport goods or provide medical assistance.

Using small planes, this man from heaven can not find places he can not reach. He is in a way a modern saint, a flying missionary, shaking up barriers and entering frontiers never before crossed, with the noble aim of alleviating human misery and improving living conditions.

For those who are short of inspiration, this book is a relief buoy. After reading this book, your point of view will never be the same again.