Other projects

– Continuous support to the air transport service managed by Alas de Esperanza Perú: new equipment, new tracks, evacuation of patients, etc.

– Popular education theater on the theme of water Oro Azul (Spring 2007 Newsletter)

– Installation of a sewage system, La Picota

– Sewing workshop in the village of Túpac Amaru, Amazonia (Fall 2005 Newsletter)

– Sawmill in Betijay, Amazon (Fall 2005 Newsletter)

– Construction of the school in Tankayllo-Huatatas, Ayacucho (Fall 2005 Newsletter)

– Sanitary facilities in Satipo aerodrome, Amazonia (Spring 2004 Newsletter)

– Construction of the school in Puerto Esperanza, Amazonia (Fall 2002 Newsletter, Fall 2003 Newsletter)

– Centro Nopoki, Atalaya, Amazon Training Center (Spring 2002 Newsletter)

– San Antonio Educational Radio, Amazon (Fall 2000 Newsletter, Spring 2002 Newsletter)

– Expansion of the cattle breeding project in Cheni, Amazonia (Fall 2000 Newsletter, Spring 2001 Newsletter, Spring 2004 Newsletter)

– Repair of the school of Caperucia, Amazon (Fall 2000 Newsletter)

– Community Center in Tangoshiari, Amazonia (Fall 2000 Newsletter)